African Chlorophytum
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African Chlorophytum
P Introduced Photo: Preetha P.S.
Common name: African Chlorophytum
Botanical name: Chlorophytum filipendulum    Family: Asparagaceae (Asparagus family)

African Chlorophytum is a plant 10-70 cm high, immediately drying black when cut or when drying, often with a creeping stem. Leaves are in a rosette, stalked, leaf-stalks 10-20 cm. long, expanded and sheathing in lower parts; blade broadly lanceshaped, hairless, never wavy, 12-50 cm long, 5-10 cm wide. Flower-stalks are articulated in the upper third and in forms with reduced flower-cluster-stalk and condensed inflorescence, just below the flower; whitish, particularly above the articulation, 6-8 mm long in fruit, 3-4-nate at the lower nodes. Inflorescence is 5-30 cm long, condensed or lax, usually unbranched, sometimes with 1-2 branches in lower part; rhachis rough; lower bracts 1.5-16 cm., ordinary flower bracts 1-2.5 cm, enveloping buds and flower-stalks. Flowers are whitish, sometimes with green tips, turning brownish immediately after flowering, slightly urn-shaped; tepals patent above the constriction, 5.5-7 mm. long, 1.5-2.5 mm wide, 3-veined. Capsule is 3-angled in cross-section, notched, 7-13 mm long, generally distinctly longer than wide. African Chlorophytum is native to Africa, cultivated in India.

Identification credit: Preetha P.S. Photographed in Kollam, Kerala.

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