African Mahogany
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African Mahogany
ntroduced Photo: Jayesh Patil
Common name: African Mahogany, Benin Mahogany, Dry Zone Mahogany, Senegal Mahogany
Botanical name: Khaya senegalensis    Family: Meliaceae (Neem family)
Synonyms: Swietenia senegalensis

African Mahogany is a majestic, tall tree, native to Africa. It is a tree with shining leaves, up to 100 ft tall, with wide dense crown and thick trunk. Leaves are compound, with leaflets usually drying pale glaucous green, 3-4 pairs, oblong or oblong-elliptic, more than twice as long as broad, rounded or blunt or sometimes pointed at the tip, 6-12 cm long, 2-5 cm broad. Flowers are normally have parts in fours. Sepals are pale green, petals and staminal tube are cream colored, the latter pinkish below. Fruit is normally 4-valved, 4-6 cm in diameter.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Khaya Avenue, Powaii, Maharashtra & Sundar Nursery, Delhi.
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