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ative Photo: Sobhapati Samom
Common name: Agapetes, Bell Heather • Hindi: अगैपिटीज़ Agapetes
Botanical name: Agapetes macrantha    Family: Ericaceae (Heath family)
Synonyms: Agapetes variegata var macrantha

The name Agapetes comes from the Greek word 'agapetos' which means 'beloved' and refers to the showy nature of this genus of plants. Lot of species are found in the Himalayan foothills, from Nepal to Myanmar and Thailand. They are evergreen shrubs, living on other trees, like orchids, or sometimes terrestrial, usually with a swollen rootstock. Leaves are spirally arranged, nearly opposite, almost stalkless or shortly stalked, margin entire or toothed. From early summer, the shoots bear bright red, pendulous, tubular or bell-shaped flowers. The flowers are pink or rose, marked with fascinating dark red chevrons and are often yellow-tipped. Agapetes is an excellent plant for a humid, shaded location. It would make an interesting plant for a hanging basket.

Identification credit: Susmita Basu
Photographed in Imphal, Manipur.
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