Arnott's Acrotrema
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Arnott's Acrotrema
ative Photo: N. Arun Kumar
Common name: Arnott's Acrotrema
Botanical name: Acrotrema arnottianum    Family: Dilleniaceae (Karmal family)

Arnott's Acrotrema is a plant named for George Arnold Walker-Arnott, 19th century Scottish botanist and Professor of Botany at Glasgow University. Leaves are obovate oblong, 15-30 cm long, 7-12 cm wide, at the base rounded to heart-shaped, with toothed margins, tip blunt, obtuse, winged stalk 2-8 cm long. Flowers have sepals 8-9 mm long, red or pink, the petals obovate, 8 mm long, yellow, grouped in dense terminal racemes. Arnott's Acrotrema is found on river banks, forests, up to 800 m. It is endemic to Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Identification credit: N. Arun Kumar Photographed in Kerala.

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