Aromatic Ginger
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Aromatic Ginger
ative Photo: Manasi Karangutkar
Common name: Aromatic Ginger, Resurrection lily, Lesser galangal, Sand ginger • Hindi: चँद्रमूला Chandramula, Sidhoul • Marathi: कचरी Kachri, कपूर कचरी Kapur kachri • Tamil: கசோலம் Kacholum, Pulankilanku • Malayalam: Kachhuram, Katjulam • Kannada: Kachchura, Kachhoora • Bengali: ekangi, bhui champa • Assamese: চংদ্ৰমূলা Chandramula • Sanskrit: चँद्रमूलिका Chandramoolika, corakah, karcurah, Sathi, Sati, सुगंधमूला Sugandhamula
Botanical name: Kaempferia galanga    Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)

Aromatic Ginger is found primarily in open areas in southern China, Taiwan, Cambodia and India, but is also widely cultivated throughout SE Asia. The plant is used as an herb in cooking, especially in Thai cuisine. The plant has thick rounded leaves that lay flat on the ground. New leaves start growing in mid spring from the small dormant rhizomes. In summer, one or two flowers are produced successively from the centre of the growing tip. Flowering lasts over a two month period. The plants becomes dormant in winter - leaves die down in late autumn and rhizomes remain underground through winter. Dried or fresh rhizomes, which are very aromatic, are used in Asian cuisine as a spice.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Maharashtra & Delhi.
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