Bandra Lepidagathis
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Bandra Lepidagathis
P Native Photo: Kunal Odedra
Common name: Bandra Lepidagathis • Gujarati: હરણચરો Harancharo
Botanical name: Lepidagathis bandraensis    Family: Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)

Bandra Lepidagathis is a small perennial herb, 15-30 cm tall. Branches are many, 4-angled, arising from a woody rootstock. Oppositely arranged stalkless leaves, 3-6 cm long, are elliptic-linear, abruptly tipped with a short and sharp point. Pink flowers are borne in dense, one-sided spikes, 2-5 cm long, at the base of the branches. Bracts are dimorphic; outer 1 cm, cuspidate, hairy; inner ones smaller, long-pointed. Capsules are oblong, 1 cm long. Bandra Lepidagathis is occasionally found in rocky grasslands in the plains in the Western Ghats region. It was probably named after the Bandra area of Mumbai. Bandra Lepidagathis is native to Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Flowering: December-January.

Identification credit: Kunal Odedra Photographed at Antroli Beach, Madhavpur, Porbandar, Gujarat.

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