Bates Haworthia
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Bates Haworthia
P Introduced Photo: Saroj Kasaju
Common name: Bates Haworthia
Botanical name: Haworthia marumiana var. batesiana    Family: Asphodelaceae (Aloe family)
Synonyms: Haworthia batesiana, Haworthia reticulata subsp. batesiana

Bates Haworthia is a small variety of Haworthia with a noticeable pattern of branching venation veins on the upper surface of its bright green leaves. It is named for George Latimer Bates, 20th century American ornithologist and botanist in West Africa. The plants with small rosettes, 5-8 cm, quickly produce offsets, form a nice clump in a couple years. Flowers are 2.5 cm long, white with light pink to brownish or greenish mid-stripe on the petals, on a wiry stem up to 20 cm tall. Small number of blossoms arise on each stem, but a large clump produces many stems. The plant does well in light shade or with some sun, which seems to encourage more flower production. The plant is good in shallow containers, and don't mind being quite crowded, but one has to withhold water. Bates Haworthia is native to is South Cape Province in Africa, cultivated worldwide.

Identification credit: J.M. Garg Photographed in Kalimpong, West Bengal.

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