Bayonet Bromeliad
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Bayonet Bromeliad
ntroduced Photo: Arun Singh
Common name: Bayonet Bromeliad, Toothed Chaguar
Botanical name: Bromelia serra    Family: Bromeliaceae (Pineapple family)
Synonyms: Bromelia lindmanii, Karatas serra

Bayonet Bromeliad are plants growing up to 50 cm tall. Leaves are 1-1.5 m long, 3-5 cm wide, with a saw-toothed margin, with antrorse and retrorse, unciform spines. Apical ones are red at maturity. Flowering stem is short. Bracts are leaf-like, red. Inflorescence is a flower-head-like with flowers occuring in 5-9 flowered short fascicles. Sepals are free, 15 x 5 mm, white. Petals are white with a violet band towards the tip, fused at base. Anthers are yellow. Fruits is yellow when ripe, edible. Bayonet Bromeliad is native to South America, cultivated in parts of India.

Identification credit: Arun Singh
Photographed in Karnataka.
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