Bearded Sprangletop
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Bearded Sprangletop
P Native Photo: Ankush Dave
Common name: Bearded Sprangletop
Botanical name: Diplachne fusca    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Leptochloa fusca, Poa fusca, Diplachne polystachia

Bearded Sprangletop is an aquatic or semi-aquatic perennial grass with stems clustered, erect 30-100 cm high, rooting and branching from the lower nodes. Leaves are linear-lanceshaped or linear-tapering, 8-35 x 0.2-0.6 cm, rounded at base, glaucous. Sheaths keeled. Ligules ovate, pointed, 5-6 mm long, membranous. Flower panicles are 10-30 cm long, densely spiculate. Spikelets linear-oblong or oblong-lanceshaped, 4-8 x 1-1.5 mm, 4-6-flowered. Lower glume oblong or oblong-lanceshaped, 1.5-2 x 0.5-1 mm, papery, 1-nerved. Upper glume oblong or elliptic-oblong, 2.5-3 x 1 mm, with a short sharp point, papery, 1-nerved. Lemmas oblong or linear-oblong, 4-5 x 1-1.5 mm, 3-lobed, muticous, papery, 3-nerved, hairy along the nerves in the lower half. Bearded Sprangletop is found throughout the Tropical World.

Identification credit: Manoj Chandran Photographed in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

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