Bhoj Patra Tree
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Bhoj Patra Tree
ative Photo: Ishwari Datt Rai
Common name: Bhoj Patra Tree, Himalayan Birch • Hindi: भोजपत्र Bhoj patra • Tamil: Bhurjjamaram, Purchcham • Malayalam: bhujapatram, bhurjjamaram • Telugu: Bhujapatri • Kannada: bhuyapathra • Sanskrit: bahulavalkalah, bahupata, bhurjapatraka • Nepali: भोजपत्र Bhojapatra, भुज Bhuj, भुजापात Bhujaapaat
Botanical name: Betula utilis    Family: Betulaceae (Birch family)
Synonyms: Betula bhojpattra

Bhoj Patra Tree is a tree widely found in the Himalayas, well-known for the use of its bark for writing in ancient India. The tree is distinguished by its white to brownish bark. It is a middle sized tree, with very distinctive bark which peels off in very thin, almost transparent strips. Male flowers are born in catkins which hang in bunches at the end of bare branches, or with young leaves. Female flowers arise in solitary spikes. Leaves are 5-8 cm long, ovate, fine pointed, irregularly saw-toothed, finely hairy when young. Flowering: April-May.

Identification credit: Ishwari Datt Rai Photographed on Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand.

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