Blue Rose Echeveria
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Blue Rose Echeveria
P Introduced Photo: Aarti Khale
Common name: Blue Rose Echeveria, Hens and Chicks
Botanical name: Echeveria x imbricata    Family: Crassulaceae (Sedum family)
Synonyms: Echeveria 'Imbricata'

Blue Rose Echeveria is a popular, succulent garden plant. It is fleshy, up to 20 cm wide, with tight rosettes of flat grey-green leaves that, when mature, form offsets freely to form large solid clumps up to 15 cm tall. Blue Rose Echeveria produces a branched arching clusters of red and yellow flowers in the spring and early summer. Blue Rose Echeveria is a hybrid that resulted from crossing Echeveria secunda with Echeveria gibbiflora ‘Metallica’.

Identification credit: Margrit Bischofberger Photographed in Gangajal Nursery, Nasik, Maharashtra.

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