Bottle Mistletoe
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Bottle Mistletoe
ative Photo: Jayesh Patil
Common name: Bottle Mistletoe, Indian Tolypanthus • Kannada: ಬಂಧುಲ Bandhula
Botanical name: Tolypanthus lagenifer    Family: Loranthaceae (Mistletoe family)
Synonyms: Loranthus lagenifer, Loranthus lageniflorus

Bottle Mistletoe is a parasitic shrub, native to South-West India. Stem lenticillate. Leaves opposite, reddish when young, ovate, base rounded; leaf-stalk 0.5 cm long. Flowers are almost stalkless, sitting on woody stem, subtended by reddish, bell-shaped, 5-lobed, 2-3 cm long bract structure. Sepals are 5, triangular. Actual flower is inside the bell shaped bracts, 5-petalled, reddish; tube dilated above the middle. Stamens 5; filaments short; anthers linear, style erect; stigma capitate. Flowering: July-September.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale Photographed Ahupe ghat, Murbad, Maharashtra.

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