Bur Clover
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Bur Clover
ative trifoliate Photo: Gary Thingnam
Common name: Bur Clover, bur medic, toothed medic • Hindi: Chandansi, Churgali
Botanical name: Medicago polymorpha    Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)
Synonyms: Medicago denticulata, Medicago polycarpa

Bur Clover is an annual herb 6-22 inches tall, maturing in 6-8 weeks. Superficially, it looks like a clover producing burs. It has leaves with 3 clover-like leaflets. Leaflets are inverted-egg shaped, with a wedge-shaped base, toothed in the upper third part. The flower clusters consists of 3-5 small yellow flowers which bloom in early spring. Flowers are really tiny. The seed-pod, called bur, is the most interesting part of this plant. It is a spiraled-coiled, disk-like structure, which has prickles with hooked tips. This seed pod can be 3.5-8 mm in diameter. Flowering: February-March.

Identification credit: Navendu Pāgé, Anurag Rawat Photographed in Nehru Park, Delhi.

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