Camellia-Flowered Rhododendron
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Camellia-Flowered Rhododendron
ative Photo: Sabita Dahal
Common name: Camellia-Flowered Rhododendron • Nepali: Chia-phule Gurans
Botanical name: Rhododendron camelliiflorum    Family: Ericaceae (Blueberry family)

Camellia flowered Rhododendron is a straggly weak, evergreen shrub. Leaves broad, narrowly oblanceolate, pointed, smooth dark green above, dense glistering brown scales beneath. Flowers are borne in 1-3 flowered clusters, produced from the terminal part of the branchlets. Flowers are white or whitish pink. Flowers are broad with short tube, overlapping circular petals. Calyx is leathery, deeply 5-lobed. Stamens are 12-16, protruding, filaments creamy white, short, hairy at the base. Anthers are large and prominent, ochre yellow to orange. The species occurs mostly growing on trees in the temperate coniferus trees like Tsuga brunoniana, Abies densa, Picea morindoides etc. It is found in Eastern Himalayas, from E Nepal to Bhutan and S. Tibet, at altitudes of 2700-3200 m. Flowering: June-July.

Identification credit: Sabita Dahal Photographed in Tshoka - Dzongri, West Sikkim.

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