Ceylon Blyxa
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Ceylon Blyxa
A Native Photo: Paulmathi Vinod
Common name: Ceylon Blyxa, Round Fruit Blyxa • Nepali: लसुने Lasune
Botanical name: Blyxa aubertii    Family: Hydrocharitaceae (Tape Grass family)
Synonyms: Blyxa zeylanica, Blyxa graminea, Blyxa muricata, Blyxa malayana

Ceylon Blyxa is an aquatic herb with stems shortened, and leaves all in basal rosette, grass-like, 15-60 cm x 3-12 mm, veins 5-9, tip tapering. Flowers emerge from water, with 3 narrow white petals, 9-17 x about 0.5 mm. Stamens are 3; filaments 3-6 mm; anthers 1-1.8 mm. Sepals are greenish purple, linear-lanceshaped, 5-7 x about 1 mm. Styles are about 7 mm. Spathes are green, 3-5 cm x about 2 mm, with flower-cluster-stalk 2.7-8 cm. Fruit is 4-6 cm, seeds 30-70, oblong-ovoid, 1.2-1.8 x about 0.6 mm, 6-12-ribbed. Ceylon Blyxa is native to Tanzania to Mozambique, Madagascar, Tropical & Subtropical Asia to NW Pacific. It is also found in East Himalaya, at altitudes of 700-1200 m. Flowering: May-September.

Identification credit: Paulmathi Vinod Photographed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu & Assam.

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