Ceylon Saprosma
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Ceylon Saprosma
ative Photo: Siddarth Machado
Common name: Ceylon Saprosma
Botanical name: Saprosma foetens subsp. ceylanicum    Family: Rubiaceae (Coffee family)
Synonyms: Saprosma ceylanicum, Dysodidendron ceylanicum, Saprosma ceylanica

Ceylon Saprosma is a shrub or a small tree, which stinks when bruised. Branchlets are pale, smooth. Leaves are 5-13 cm long, 2-5 cm broad, elliptic, lanceshaped, inverted lanceshaped, long-pointed, green when dried, membranous. Leaf-stalks are 2-6 mm mm long. Flowers are borne in clusters of 1-3 together carried on a 1.2-4 cm long stalk in leaf axils. Bracts and bracteoles are minute. Sepal tube is obconic, smooth, teeth 4 triangular. Flowers are about 1.3 cm across, purple, petals triangular, spreading. Fruits are about 8 mm across, obovoid blunt. Ceylon Saprosma is found in Western Ghats at elevations 1000-2000 m.

Identification credit: Siddarth Machado Photographed at Avalanche Range, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Tamil Nadu.

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