Ceylon Wild Rhea
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Ceylon Wild Rhea
E Native Photo: Sam Kuzhalanattu
Common name: Ceylon Wild Rhea, Ceylon Wild Rhea
Botanical name: Debregeasia wallichiana subsp. ceylanica    Family: Urticaceae (Nettle family)
Synonyms: Debregeasia ceylanica, Morocarpus ceylanicus

Ceylon Wild Rhea is a tree 20-30 ft tall, with branchlets as thick as the little finger. Leaves are 7-10 cm across, ovate-round, with a tail-like tip, and a rounded to heart-shaped base. Leaves are hairless above, white velvet-hairy beneath, carried on stout stalks 5-10 cm long. Female flower-heads are borne in stoutly stalked velvet-hairy cymes, with short, diverging branches. Each 4-5 cm long flower-cluster-stalk bears 3 (rarely more) stoutly stalked female flower-heads 1.2 cm across. Ceylon Wild Rhea is found in Southern Western Ghats and Sri Lanka.

Identification credit: E S Santosh Kumar Photographed in Vannappuram, Idukki, Kerala.

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