Chain of Hearts
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Chain of Hearts
ntroduced Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Chain of Hearts, Collar of hearts, String of hearts, Rosary vine
Botanical name: Ceropegia woodii    Family: Apocynaceae (Oleander family)
Synonyms: Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii

Chain of Hearts is an tiny, evergreen, succulent, trailing vine that grows to 2-5 cm in height and spreads to reach up to 2-4 m in length. Its leaves are shaped like hearts, about 1-2 cm wide and long. When exposed to sufficient light they have a deep green colour. Under insufficient lighting the leaves are pale green. With age it develops a woody caudex at its base. The roots, and occasionally the stems, will often develop tubers. The flower is in general form similar to those of other Ceropegia species. The flower-tube grows to 3 cm in length and is a mixed colouring of off-white and pale magenta. The five petals are a deeper purple. Chain of Hearts is native to South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe.

Identification credit: Nongthombam Ullysess Photographed in Ganesh Villa, Kalimpong, West Bengal.

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