Chinese Fan Palm
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Chinese Fan Palm
ntroduced Photo: Tabish
Common name: Chinese Fan Palm, Fountain Palm
Botanical name: Livistona chinensis    Family: Arecaceae (Palm family)

Chinese Fan Palm is a very popular palm grown in parks and gardens. It is able to reach 50 feet in height but usually seen at 30 feet with a 10 to 12-foot spread, Chinese Fan Palm has a single straight trunk and large, six-foot-long leaves which have drooping tips. The divided leaves have long, tapering, ribbon-like segments which gracefully sway beneath the leaves, creating an overall fountain-like effect. The long leaf-stalks may be armed with sharp spines. The inconspicuous flowers are hidden among the leaves and are followed by small, blue-black, olive-like fruits. Young specimens of this fan palm are as attractive as the mature plants. The Chinese fan palm is native to southern Japan, Taiwan and several islands in the South China Sea.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

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