Chinese Golden-Bell Tree
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Chinese Golden-Bell Tree
D Introduced Photo: Akhtar Malik
Common name: Chinese Golden-Bell Tree, Greenstem forsythia
Botanical name: Forsythia viridissima    Family: Oleaceae (Jasmine family)
Synonyms: Rangium viridissimum, Rangium koreanum var. fertile

Chinese Golden-Bell Tree is an erect, deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub up to 2 m high, with upright shoots which remain green in the second year, and elliptic-lanceshaped leaves. Flowers are 3 cm across and produced singly or occasionally in twos or threes. Flowers are deep yellow outside, tinged with orange-yellow stripes inside; tube 5-6 mm; petals narrowly oblong, 0.6-1.8 cm, curled. Pistil is 5.5-7 mm in flowers with stamens 3.5-5 mm or about 3 mm in flowers with stamens 6-7 mm. Sepals are broadly ovate or elliptic, 2-4 mm, fringed with hairs. Capsules are ovoid, 1-1.5 cm x 6-10 mm, warty; stalk 3-7 mm. Chinese Golden-Bell Tree is native to S. China, S. Korea, cultivated elsewhere. Flowering: March-April.

Identification credit: Akhtar Malik Photographed in Kashmir University Botanical Garden.

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