Clasping-Leaf Borage
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Clasping-Leaf Borage
ative Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Clasping-Leaf Borage • Rajasthani: सियाल कांटो Sial kanto
Botanical name: Trichodesma inaequale    Family: Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not family)
Synonyms: Trichodesma amplexicaule

Clasping-Leaf Borage is an erect hairy herb with scattered hairs. Lower leaves are oppositely arranged, stalkless. linear-oblong. Upper ones are alternately arranged, heart-shaped, stem-clasping, broadly ovate, long pointed. Flowers appear singly, laterally on branches or opposite the leaves. Sepals are shortly and obtusely eared. Flowers are pale blue with rounded petals which are flat, with a point at the tip. Flower throat is hairy. Clasping-Leaf Borage found in Mumbai and neighbouring area. This flowers is closely similar to Indian Borage, but can be distinguished by two features - one, leaves are stem-clasping, they are only half-clasping in Indian Borage; two, the stamens do not protrude out, whereas in Indian Borage they protrude out.

Identification credit: Satish Pardeshi Photographed in Maharashtra & Joshpur, Rajasthan.

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