Climbing Twisted-Lily
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Climbing Twisted-Lily
P Native Photo: Biswanath Mondal
Common name: Climbing Twisted-Lily
Botanical name: Streptolirion volubile    Family: Commelinaceae (Dayflower family)

Climbing Twisted-Lily is a herb mostly climbing, rarely erect. Stems are 0.5-6 m, often hairless, or covered with yellow or brown, multicellular hairs. Leaf-stalks are 3-11.5 cm; leaf blade heart-shaped-round, less often heart-shaped-ovate, 5-15 x 3-15 cm, above velvet-hairy, tip often with a tail. Cincinni with 1 to several flowers, in panicles, rarely cymes. Proximal bracts are leaflike, 1.5-6 cm; distal ones smaller and ovate-lanceshaped, rarely linear or lanceshaped and boat-shaped. Flower-stalks are absent. Sepals are 3-5 mm, tip pointed. Petals are white or pale purple first, then turning white, linear or rarely thread-like, 6-7 x 0.3-1 mm, slightly longer than sepals. Capsules are 4-7 mm, with awn-shaped beak. Climbing Twisted-Lily is found in the Himalayas, from Garhwal to Assam, Burma, China, W. Japan, at altitudes of 1500-2400 m. Flowering: July-August.

Identification credit: N Arun Kumar Photographed at Tiger Hill, Darjeeling & West Sikkim.

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