Clustered Yellowtop
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Clustered Yellowtop
A Naturalized Photo: Sarman Ratiya
Common name: Clustered Yellowtop, Speedyweed, Yellow twinstem • Gujarati: પીળો ભાંગરો Pilo bhangro • Kutchi: પીળો ભંગરો Pilo bhangro, પરદેશી ભેંગરો Pardeshi bhangro
Botanical name: Flaveria trinervia    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Synonyms: Oedera trinervia, Brotera trinervata, Flaveria repanda

Clustered Yellowtop is an annual herb growing erect and known to exceed 7 feet in height. The lance-shaped to oval leaves are each up to 15 cm long and arranged oppositely in pairs around the stem, their bases sometimes fused together. The edges of the leaves generally have tiny widely spaced teeth. The inflorescence is a large dense cluster of many very small flower heads, sometimes over 300 in one cluster. Each flower head contains 0-1 yellow or whitish ray floret and 0-2 yellow disc florets. Clustered Yellowtop is native to Tropical & Subtropical America, naturalized in Africa, India and Australia.

Identification credit: Sarman Ratiya Photographed in Jaru, Anjar, Kutch, Gujarat.

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