Coated Swallow-Wort   
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Coated Swallow-Wort
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Coated Swallow-Wort, few-flowered cynanchum • Bengali: chagul-pati • Marathi: पांचाली panchali • Sinhalese: kang-koombala
Botanical name: Cynanchum tunicatum    Family: Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed family)
Synonyms: Asclepias tunicata, Cynanchum pauciflorum, Periploca tunicata

Coated Swallow-Wort is a herbaceous climber 1-2 m long, with slender stems. Leaves are ovate-oblong, 5-7 cm long, with heart-shaped base, carried on 2-3 cm long stalk. The whole plant contain milky juice, typical of the milkweed family. Flowers are borne in umbel-like clusters in leaf axils. Flowers are 6-8 mm long, creaming pink, with oblong petals. The corona is as long as the petals, white, membrane-like, with 5 linear lobes on the margin, and small teeth between the lobes. Seed-pods are 5-6 cm long, lanceshaped, not winged. Coated Swallow-Wort is found in the forests of Western Ghats and other parts of India. Flowering: October.

Identification credit: Dinesh Valke
Photographed near Lion's Point, Lonavala, Maharashtra.
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