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Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Copperleaf, Joseph's coat, fire-dragon
Botanical name: Acalypha wilkesiana      Family: Euphorbiaceae (castor family)

Copperleaf is a remarkable plant has foliage that is more colorful than many flowers. It grows as a spreading evergreen shrub with upright branches that tend to originate near the base. It can get up to 10 ft tall with a similar spread. The alternate leaves are elliptic to oval, serrate, 5-8 in long and multi-colored. The flowers are small and inconspicuous, hanging in 4-8 in long green racemes often hidden in the foliage. Many cultivars are available with different leaf forms and colors. Acalypha wilkesiana 'Marginata' has coppery-green leaves with pink or crimson margins. 'Macrophylla' has larger leaves, variegated with bronze, cream, yellow and red. The leaves of 'Musaica' are mottled with orange and red. 'Godseffiana' has narrow, drooping leaves with cream colored margins.
Photographed in Delhi
Identification credit: R.K. Nimai Singh • Is this flower misidentified? If yes,