Corky Coral Tree
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Corky Coral Tree
ative Photo: Varun Sharma
Common name: Corky Coral Tree, Indian Coral Tree • Hindi: धौल ढाक Dhaul dhak • Marathi: पांगारा Pangara • Tamil: கிஞ்சுகம் Kincukam, முருக்கு மரம் murukku maram • Malayalam: Nimbataru, Paribhadram • Telugu: బలభద్రిక Balabhadrika • Kannada: Halivana, Keechige, Mandara • Bengali: রক্তমন্দার Raktamandar • Konkani: Pangar • Sanskrit: मन्दार mandara, पारिभद्र paribhadra • Nepali: फलेदो Phaledo, फुलिधा Phulidhaa, मँदर Mandar, बरु मरेर Baru Marer
Botanical name: Erythrina suberosa    Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)
Synonyms: Erythrina stricta var. suberosa, Erythrina maxima, Erythrina glabrescens

Corky Coral Tree is a medium sized throny tree with distinctly orange, corky bark and an irregular crown. The tree is a captivating sight when in bloom, with clusters of bright, orange-scarlet up-facing flower clusters sitting at the end of branchlets like exotic waterlilies. Leaves are compound with three broad leaflets, the middle one the largest. Leaflets are hairless above and wooly velvet-hairy beneath, leathery; 3-ribbed from the base, lateral nerves 4-5 pairs. Flowers have 5 petals of unequal length, and 10 stamens. Corky Coral Tree is native to the dry, mixed forests throughout India.

Identification credit: Varun Sharma Photographed in Nasik, Maharashtra & Bangalore, Karnataka.

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