Creeping Stone Flower
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Creeping Stone Flower
P Native Photo: C. Rajasekar
Common name: Creeping Stone Flower
Botanical name: Henckelia repens    Family: Gesneriaceae (Gloxinia family)
Synonyms: Didymocarpus repens, Roettlera repens

Creeping Stone Flower is a threatened creeping herb with leaves long-stalked, ovate-heart-shaped, sawtoothed, softly hairy on both surfaces, flower-cluster-stalks 1-5-flowered. Stems are slender, hairy, nodes distant, rooting, bearing one leaf and one flower-cluster-stalk. Leaves are 7.5 x 5 cm, pointed, leaf-stalk 10 cm. Flower-cluster-stalks are 7.5-12.5 cm, hairy, flower-stalks are somewhat racemed in pairs, or nearly umbelled. Sepals are 2-3 mm. Flowers are 1.2-1.6 cm, tubular, curved, hairy outside, blue. Creeping Stone Flower is found in Southern Western Ghats. Flowering: May-December.

Identification credit: C. Rajasekar Photographed in Kalakkad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

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