Crows Ash
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Crows Ash
E Introduced Photo: Amber Srivastava
Common name: Crows Ash, Australian teak
Botanical name: Flindersia australis    Family: Rutaceae (Lemon family)

Crows Ash is a rainforest tree from New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. It grows up to 40 m tall, with larger trees having a buttressed trunk. The leaves are alternately or occasionally oppositely arrange, compound, with 3-13 leaflets. Each of these is 2.4 to 13 cm long and 0.8 to 4.3 cm wide. Flowers appear during spring forming clusters up to 15 cm long. Flowers have white or cream petals which are between 5 and 7 mm long. Both the petals and sepals are covered with hairs. The flowers are followed by woody capsules which are 7-10 cm long. These split open to reveal the winged seeds.

Identification credit: Amber Srivastava Photographed in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.

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