Cupid's Bower
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Cupid's Bower
ntroduced Photo: Satpal Gandhi
Common name: Cupid's Bower, Hot Water Plant, Monkey-Faced Pansy, Magic Flower, Orchid Pansy
Botanical name: Achimenes longiflora    Family: Gesneriaceae (Gloxinia family)
Synonyms: Achimenes kleei, Achimenes jaureguia

Cupid's Bower is an erect perennial plant with whorls of 3-4 ovate to oblong, toothed, dark green leaves, up to 8 cm long, red-marked beneath. The plant bears solitary, long, trumpet shaped violet-blue flowers, up to 4 cm across, from summer to autumn. Achimenes are usually grown in hanging containers. These thin-stemmed plants require staking if grown in a container where upright growth is desired. Cupid's Bower is native to C and S America, cultivated world over as a garden plant.

Identification credit: Nandan Kalbag Photographed in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

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