Cutch Inula
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Cutch Inula
P Native Photo: Rajkumar Yadav
Common name: Cutch Inula
Botanical name: Iphiona grantioides    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Synonyms: Inula cutchica, Inula grantioides, Helenium grantiodes

Cutch Inula is a perennial herb, up to 50 cm high, moderately branched. Cortex is green, striped, glandular-hairy. Leaves are linear to spoon-shaped, entire to 3-lobed at tip, flattened, fleshy, 6 x 2 cm, gradually narrowing towards the base, glandular-hairy. Flower-heads are more or less solitary, radiate, 1.5-3 x 1 cm with fleshy, herbaceous bracts externally. Involucre is cup-shaped, involucral bracts about 70 in several rows, linear to oblong, pointed, dorsally glandular, spreading at anthesis. Ray-florets are 5-13, 9-20 x 2-5 mm, blade oblong to almost linear, apically 2-3 finely toothed. Disc-florets are 40-90; flower 6-11 x 1.5-2 mm, style about 7 mm long. Cutch Inula is found in Oman, Iran to Gujarat. Flowering: November-May.

Identification credit: Aarti Khale, J.M. Garg Photographed in Patan District, Gujarat.

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