Dense-Flowered Rotala
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Dense-Flowered Rotala
ative Photo: Amit Chauhan
Common name: Dense-Flowered Rotala
Botanical name: Rotala densiflora    Family: Lythraceae (Crape Myrtle family)
Synonyms: Sellowia uliginosa, Rotala densiflora subsp. uliginosa

Dense-Flowered Rotala is an annual herb, erect, 12-22 cm tall, hairless. Leaves are ovate-lanceshaped or linear-lanceshaped, rounded at the base, 2-16 mm long, 1-3 mm broad. Flowers are borne solitary in leaf axils on main stem or in spikes in leaf axils. Flowers are 3 mm long, 5-merous. Bracteoles are subulate, equalling the flower. Hypanthium is bell-shaped, membranous in fruit. Epicalyx is threadlike. Petals are ovate-oblong, oblong, obovate or elliptic, pointed, blunt or retuse. Ovary is 3-angled. Style is 0.5 mm long. Capsule are 2-3 mm long, 1.5-2 mm broad, 3-4-valved. Seeds plano-convex or obovate. Dense-Flowered Rotala is found in Tropical Africa, Afghanistan, Himalayas, India, east to China, Malaysia, Australia, at altitudes of 1800-2700 m. Flowering: August-September.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.
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