Dotted Viburnum
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Dotted Viburnum
E Native Tree elliptic Photo: Siddarth Machado
Common name: Dotted Viburnum • Kannada: ಹೇಲುಸುಂಡೆ Helusunde, Kampaari, Yella Sunde., Nonna, Kampari • Malayalam: Konakkara, Konakarimaram, Konakkara • Tamil: Konakaran, Konakaram, Konakarum • Urdu: Konakara
Botanical name: Viburnum punctatum    Family: Viburnaceae (Viburnum family)
Synonyms: Viburnum punctatum var. punctatum, Viburnum acuminatum

Dotted Viburnum is a tree up to 12 m tall, bark greyish-brown, blaze dull-red with narrow darker streaks; young parts and inflorescence covered by minute peltate scales. Leaves are simple, opposite, estipulate; leaf-stalk 5-20 mm, grooved above, slender, peltate scaly; blade 3.5-13 x 1-5 cm, elliptic, elliptic-obovate, elliptic-oblong or elliptic-lanceshaped, base pointed, tip pointed or tapering, margin entire, recurved, hairless above, dotted and covered with peltate scales beneath, leathery; lateral nerves 5-10 pairs, pinnate, prominent, intercostae netveined, prominent. Flowers are bisexual, white, 5 mm across, in at branch-ends umbellate corymbs; bracteoles persistent; calyx tube 2 mm long; lobes 5, blunt; flower pinwheel-shaped, shortly tubular, 2.5 mm long, white, velvet-hairy; lobes 5, ovate, blunt, spreading; stamens 5, inserted on the flower tube; filaments erect; anthers oblong-heart-shaped; ovary inferior, 1-celled, oblong, ovule 1, drooping; style short, stigma broadly 3 lobed, decurrent, nearly stalkless. Fruit a drupe 8 x 5 mm, ovoid, compressed, dotted, reddish-brown, crowned with persistent style; seed one, compressed, ventrally concave. Dotted Viburnum is found in Bhutan, Cambodia, India, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam.

Identification credit: Siddarth Machado Photographed in Satymangalam Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu.

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