Double-Toothed Mallow
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Double-Toothed Mallow
P Native Photo: Milind Girdhari
Common name: Double-Toothed Mallow, Indian mallow
Botanical name: Abutilon bidentatum    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)
Synonyms: Sida bidentata, Abutilon microcarpum, Abutilon membranifolium

Double-Toothed Mallow is a shrubby herb up to 1 m or more tall; all parts velvet-hairy to woolly and sometimes also with long simple hairs Leaves are long-stalked; blade broadly ovate, up to about 12-17 x 10-13 cm, heart-shaped at the base, tapering at the tip, with sawtoothed-toothed margins. Flowers are borne in leaf axils or on leaf-axils shoots sometimes merging into panicles, 1.5 cm across, yellow, carried on flower-stalks 1.5-9 cm long. Petals are 7-13 mm long. Sepal-cup is 6-10 mm long, sepals lanceshaped. Mericarps are 12-17, 8-10 x 3-5 mm, 2-seeded, dorsal corner with a 1-2 mm long awn. Seeds are about 2.5 mm long, papillose. Double-Toothed Mallow is native to Niger to Eritrea and Namibia, S. Arabian Peninsula, and Indian Subcontinent.

Identification credit: Milind Girdhari Photographed in Chartha village, Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

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