Drooping Yellow Cremanthodium
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Drooping Yellow Cremanthodium
ative Photo: Suresh Rana
Common name: Drooping Yellow Cremanthodium
Botanical name: Cremanthodium decaisnei    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Synonyms: Senecio renatus, Cremanthodium decaisnei f. clarke

Drooping Yellow Cremanthodium is a perennial herb with solitary flower-heads 2.5-6 cm across, looking down, with 3-toothed yellow ray-florets. It is named for Joseph Decaisne, 19th century Belgian-born French botanist, horticulturist, and director of the Jardin des Plantes, Paris. The plant is small, usually 10-25 cm, with basal leaves long stalked. Stalk 3-14 cm, hairless, base narrowly sheathed. Leaves are kidney-shaped or round-kidney-shaped, 0.5-4.5 x 0.9-5 cm, densely brown hairy below, rarely hairless, hairless above, palmately veined, margin irregularly shallowly toothed, rarely lobed, tip rounded. Middle to distal stem leaves are 1 or 2, stalked or stalkless, smaller, with leaf blade or not. Drooping Yellow Cremanthodium is found in the Himalayas, from Kashmir to Bhutan, Tibet, China, at altitudes of 3600-5000 m. Flowering: July-September.

Identification credit: Suresh Rana Photographed in Paddar Valley, Jammu & Kashmir.

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