Dwarf Dracaena
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Dwarf Dracaena
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Dwarf Dracaena, Wild dracaena • Kannada: ಕೆಂಪು ಬೇರು kempu beru • Malayalam: മഞ്ഞക്കാന്ത manjakkantha • Tulu: ಕೆಂಪುಥ ಬೇರು kemputha beru Source: Names of Plants in India
Botanical name: Dracaena terniflora    Family: Asparagaceae (Asparagus family)
Synonyms: Pleomele terniflora

Dwarf Dracaena is a subshrub, less than 1 m tall. Stems are somewhat sprawling, simple or few branched, internodes often longer than wide. Leaves are spaced along distal part of stem, distinctly stalked. Stalks are 3-6 cm, distinctly widened at base to form a persistent sheath normally concealing internode. Leaves are elliptic-lanceshaped or elliptic, 20-30 × 6-8 cm. Inflorescence are terminal, simple, about 15 cm. Flowers are solitary or in clusters of 2 or 3. Flowers are white, 1.8-2.2 cm. Berry is globose, 1-1.3 cm in diameter, 1-3-seeded.

Identification credit: Shrikant Ingalhalikar Photographed near Castlerock, Karnataka.

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