Dwarf Pimpernel
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Dwarf Pimpernel
A Native Photo: Ashutosh Sharma
Common name: Dwarf Pimpernel
Botanical name: Lysimachia ovalis    Family: Primulaceae (Primrose family)
Synonyms: Anagallis ovalis, Anagallis pumila var. ovalis, Anagallis pumila

Dwarf Pimpernel is a hairless herb, up to 7 cm high. with mostly erect stems. Leaves are alternate or opposite; blade elliptic to narrowly lanceshaped, 4.5-8 x 1-3.5 mm. Flower-stalks are erect in fruit, 2.5-4 mm, mostly equaling or shorter than subtending leaf. Flowers are white, flat-faced (almost rotate), 1.5-2.3 mm, with 5 petals. Sepals are 4-5, sepal-cup divided nearly to base, 2-2.5 mm, equaling or longer than flower, margins entire, narrowly or not scarious, tip tapering. Capsules are 1-1.5 mm, seeds 5-12. Dwarf Pimpernel is found in Western Ghats & Eastern Ghats and the Himalayas, at altitudes of 900-1600 m. It is found all over the Tropical World. Flowering: July-December.

Identification credit: Ashutosh Sharma Photographed in Bengaluru outskirts, Karnataka.

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