Elegant Spider-Flower
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Elegant Spider-Flower
P Native Unknown Photo: Sushant More
Common name: Elegant Spider-Flower
Botanical name: Corynandra elegans    Family: Cleomaceae (Spider Flower family)

Elegant Spider-Flower is a new species of Corynandra from Konkan region of Maharashtra, discovered in 2016. The generic name Corynandra means club-shaped stamens. The new species differs from Celandine Spider Flower by its perennial habit, presence of root suckers, 3-5 foliate basal leaves, flower 5-9 cm across, petals up to 4.5 cm long, stamens up to 250, capsule beak 8–14 mm long, seed testa with blunt tubercles and open, deep cleft.

Identification credit: S.R, Yadav, Sneha Bramhdande Photographed in Maharashtra.

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