Elongated Nipple Cactus
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Elongated Nipple Cactus
P Introduced Unknown Photo: Sushain Babu
Common name: Elongated Nipple Cactus
Botanical name: Mammillaria elongata    Family: Cactaceae (Cactus family)
Synonyms: Chilita elongata, Leptocladia elongata, Neomammillaria elongata

Elongated Nipple Cactus is a cactus forming dense groups of cylindrical, erect or semi-prostrate stems about 6-15 cm long and 1.5-3.7 cm in diameter. Its body, bright green, is formed by short conical tubercles 2-4 mm ending in round and woolly areoles in the young segments, unlike tubercular axils that lack wooliness. It has between 15 and 30 short radial spines, 6-12 mm, curved outwards that intersect with those of the nearby areoles and 1 to 3 central (sometimes absent) yellow or golden color. The flowers arise on the upper part of the stems and are 1.5 cm long and across, with pale yellow or white toothed petals, sometimes with a darker or reddish central line. Elongated Nipple Cactus is native to Mexico

Identification credit: Sushain Babu Photographed in cultivation in Bijnor.

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