Evening Rain Lily
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Evening Rain Lily
ntroduced Photo: Ravinder Singh
Common name: Evening Rain Lily, Ceboletta, Prairie Lily, Giant Rain Lily
Botanical name: Zephyranthes drummondii    Family: Amaryllidaceae (Nargis family)
Synonyms: Cooperia pedunculata, Sceptranthes drummondii

Evening Rain Lily is an interesting white Rain Lily with flowers distinctly larger than the White Rain Lily. Flowers are erect, white, sometimes flushed pink on the underside. more so with age, broadly funnel-shaped, 6-9 cm, Flower-tube is white to green, 3-4.7 cm long, diameter primarily uniform, about 1/2 perianth length, more than 15 times filament length, equaling (3/4-11/4) spathe length. Tepals are rarely reflexed, stamens fasciculate, distinctly subequal, filaments subulate, 0.1-0.2 cm, tip pointed, anthers 5-8 mm, style notably shorter than flower-tube, stigma 3-fid, remaining inside the flower tube. Flower-stalk is 0.5-2 cm, shorter than spathe. Leaf blade is glaucous-green, up to 8 mm wide. Evening Rain Lily is native to Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, flowers opening in the late afternoon or evening.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Rajasthan.
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