False Hemp
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False Hemp
ative Photo: Suresh Rana
Common name: False Hemp
Botanical name: Datisca cannabina    Family: Datiscaceae (Datisca family)
Synonyms: Datisca nepalensis, Datisca glabra, Cannabina laevis

False Hemp is a plant about 2 m tall with leaves like Marijuana. Stem leaves are 15-30 cm long, leaflets 5-11, lanceshaped, up to 15 cm long, 2.5-4 cm broad, coarsely toothed, long-pointed. Flowers are yellow, small, nearly stalkless. Male flowers have calyx 3-4-lobed, sepals unequal, about 2 mm long, stamens 11-13, anthers oblong, 3-3.5 mm long, filaments very short. Female flowers have calyx obscurely 3-4-ribbed, adnate to the ovary, 3-4-lobed, sepal about 1 mm long. Fruit is 5-9 mm long, 3-4 mm broad. Seeds are numerous, elliptic, about 1 mm long. False Hemp is found in E Mediterranean, W Asia, Himalayas, from Kashmir to Nepal.

Identification credit: Suresh Rana
Photographed in Paddar Valley, Jammu & Kashmir.
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