Fish Pole Bamboo
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Fish Pole Bamboo
ntroduced Photo: Vinod Yadav
Common name: Fish Pole Bamboo, Golden Bamboo, Madake bamboo, , Monk's belly bamboo, , walking stick bamboo
Botanical name: Phyllostachys aurea    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Phyllostachys bambusoides, Phyllostachys formosana

Fish Pole Bamboo, although usually not very tall, is very strong and useful. Growing rigidly upright, this bamboo is one of the best for hedges and for planting next to driveways and walkways. It often has a series of distorted internodes at the base of the cane, sometimes called "Tortoise Shell" internodes, that are quite ornamental and make this plant useful for craft work. Culm color of the species type is green. Like other Phyllostachys, when exposed to strong direct sunlight, the canes will fade to yellow with age. The plant can reach a height of 30 feet, potentially over 40 feet in the south. Short swollen internodes at the base of the culms are a characteristic used to distinguish Golden bamboo from other bamboos. The leaves are lanceshaped, roughly 15 cm long and 1-2 cm wide. Fish Pole bamboo flowers infrequently and may not flower for several decades. It spreads by rhizomes and culms grow from side shoots at alternate nodes of the rhizome. Fish Pole Bamboo is native to China, cultivated in India.

Identification credit: Amit Kumar
Photographed in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.
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