Fleshy-Stem Bellflower
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Fleshy-Stem Bellflower
P Native Photo: Saroj Kasaju
Common name: Fleshy-Stem Bellflower • Nepali: काली मुन्टे Kaalee Munte
Botanical name: Peracarpa carnosa    Family: Campanulaceae (Bell flower family)
Synonyms: Campanula carnosa, Campanula ovata, Campanula circaeoides

Fleshy-Stem Bellflower is a delicate herb with rhizomes creeping, prostrate, slender, branched. Flowers arise singly in leaf-axils, rarely 2-4 in a fascicle. Flowers are white, blue-purple, or sometimes pale blue, funnel-shaped to bell-shaped, 3-10 mm; petals linear to elliptic. Flower-stalks are slender, 0.2-7 cm. Sepal cup is obconic or obovoid, hairless; sepals narrowly triangular, or triangular. Stems are erect or reclining, rarely prostrate, 4-25 cm tall, slender, fleshy, hairless. Leaves are crowded toward tip of stem, blade green, ovate to round, 0.3-3.8 x 0.3-2.8 cm, membranous or papery, base flat, heart-shaped or nearly so, margin entire, crenulate, sawtoothed, minutely toothed, sometimes fringed with hairs, with gland at each sinus, tip rounded, blunt, or pointed, often with a short sharp point; leaf-stalk 2-17 mm. Capsules are pendent, obovoid or broadly obovoid, rarely ellipsoid, 2.5-5.5 × 1.5-5 mm. Fleshy-Stem Bellflower is found in Forests or moist rocks by streams, in Eastern Himalayas, from Nepal to Bhutan, NE India, at altitudes of 1300-3800 m, up to Japan and SE Asia. Flowering: March-May.

Identification credit: D.S. Rawat Photographed in Sukhiapokahari, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

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