Florida Thatch Palm
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Florida Thatch Palm
ntroduced Photo: Ranjini Kamath
Common name: Florida Thatch Palm, Broom Palm, Florida Thatch Palm, Thatch Palm
Botanical name: Thrinax radiata    Family: Arecaceae (Palm family)
Synonyms: Thrinax floridana, Coccothrinax radiata

Florida Thatch Palm is an attractive fan palm growing up to 15 ft with a graceful slender trunk. Trunks can grow 30-40 ft tall, but are only 5 inches thick. It develops numerous 3 ft palmate leaves which have up to 60 pleat-like segments. The segments extend two-thirds into the blade and have drooping tips. Leaves are dark green above, silvery beneath. Leaft stalks are about 3 ft long. Flowers are borne in sprays 3-4 ft long, with many short yellowish branches bearing white bisexual flowers. Fruit is round, 1.2 cm wide, white when ripe. This is a very slow growing pine. This palm does well in humid weather, and is native to coastal areas of the North American continent.

Identification credit: Kenneth Greby
Photographed in Bangalore.
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