Flowering Rush
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Flowering Rush
ative Photo: Shakir Ahmad
Common name: Flowering Rush
Botanical name: Butomus umbellatus    Family: Butomaceae (Flowering-rush family)
Synonyms: Butomus caesalpini, Butomus vulgaris, Butomus floridus

Flowering Rush is a perennial aquatic plant. Other than suggested by its common name, it is not a true rush. The plant has linear, pointed leaves up to 1 metre long, or more. The leaves are triangular in cross-section and arise in two rows along the rhizome/base. They are untoothed, parallel veined and twisted. The inflorescence is umbel-like consisting of a single terminal flower surrounded by three cymes. The flowers are regular and bisexual, 2-3 cm across. There are three petal-like sepals which are pink with darker veins. They persist in the fruit. The three petals are like the sepals but somewhat larger. 6 - 9 stamens. Carpels superior, 6 - 9 and slightly united at the base. When ripe they are obovoid and crowned with a persistent style. Ovules are numerous and found scattered over the inner surface of the carpel wall, except on the midrib and edges. Fruit is a follicle. The seeds have no endosperm and a straight embryo. Flowering Rush is native to Kashmir and Eurasia. It is found at altitudes of Flowering: June-July.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Kashmir.

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