Formosa Acacia
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Formosa Acacia
ntroduced Photo: Shaista Ahmad
Common name: Formosa Acacia, Small Philippine Acacia
Botanical name: Acacia confusa    Family: Mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family)

Formosa Acacia is a small tree native to Northern Philippines. Adult plants show leaf-like phyllodes, while the juvenile one have foliage of bipinnate leaves. The trunk can grow up to 1 m thick in very old trees, however, generally it is smaller. Phyllodes are alternate, leathery, parallel-curving-veined, 8-10 cm long, narrowed at both ends. Yellow flowers arise in small spherical heads 6-8 mm in diameter. The flowers heads occur singly or in twos in axil of phyllodes. Pods are borne few together, linear or somewhat curved, flat or slightly twisted, brown, 5-10 cm long, 1 cm broad, with about 8 seeds.

Identification credit: Tony Rodd
Photographed in Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore.
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