Fountain Buffel Grass
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Fountain Buffel Grass
A Native Photo: Chintan Bhatt
Common name: Fountain Buffel Grass
Botanical name: Cenchrus pennisetiformis    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Cenchrus echinoides, Cenchrus rigidifolius, Pennisetum pennisetiforme

Fountain Buffel Grass is an annual or perennial bunchgrass, sometimes spreading by means of runners. The stems are sometimes branched and are up to 70 cm tall. The leaf blades are flat, 3-20 cm long by 2-5 mm wide, and the inflorescences 2-10 cm long by 6-9 mm wide, not including the soft bristles. The outer bristles are short and slender and the inner ones rather broader and some 7-15 mm long. Fountain Buffel Grass is native to East Africa, West Asia to the Indian Subcontinent and Burma.

Identification credit: Alok Chorghe, Chintan Bhatt Photographed in Rohtak, Haryana.

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