Fragrant Shield Plant
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Fragrant Shield Plant
P Native Photo: Abhijeet Das
Common name: Fragrant Shield Plant, Gandhi Roots • Assamese: গংধী Gondhi, গংধ কোচু Gandh Kochu, Ganchana • Bengali: গংধ কোচু Gandh Kochu • Hindi: सुगंध मंत्री Sugandh Mantri • Manipuri: ꯒꯣꯟꯙꯣꯢ Gondhoi • Mizo: Aancheeri
Botanical name: Homalomena aromatica    Family: Araceae (Arum family)
Synonyms: Calla aromatica, Zantedeschia aromatica

Fragrant Shield Plant is a stout herb smelling of camphor, with spreading roots covered with long fleshy fibers without bulbs. Stem is simple, straight, smaller than Giant Taro. Leaves are heart-shaped, base bifid, lobes equal, almost rounded, blade shining and smooth. Leaf-stalk about one foot long, base sheathing. Flower-cluster-stalks arise in leaf-axils. Spathe is erect, greenish, oblong, 8-10 cm; limb gaping at flowering, then closing again. Spadix is almost cylindric. Flowers posses a considerable degree of fragrance. Fragrant Shield Plant is found in NE India to China and Indo-China, at altitudes of 200-1000 m.
Medicinal uses: Sugandh mantri essential oils are known for high purity and have a mesmerizing aroma that makes them widely used in aromatherapy applications. It is used for immune support as well as for treating cold, infection, injury or emotional stress.

Identification credit: Abhijeet Das Photographed in Guwahati, Assam.

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