Ghat Litsea
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Ghat Litsea
P Native Photo: Anurag Sharma
Common name: Ghat Litsea
Botanical name: Litsea ghatica    Family: Lauraceae (Laurel family)

Ghat Litsea is a shrub or small tree, with young shoots woolly, elongating through scaled at branch-end. Leaves are 10-20 x 4-9 cm, somewhat whorled, obovate, tip abruptly pointed or blunt, tapering to nearly pointed or rounded base, hairless except nerves above, more or less softly woolly beneath; nerves 10-14 pairs, prominent beneath, looped; leaf-stalk to 1 cm long. Flowers are unisexual, 4-5, in solitary umbels; flower-cluster-stalk 5-8 mm long, cauliferous; bracts ovate, usually in 2 pairs, woolly without. Tepals are 6; tube short or absent. Stamens are 16, biseriate; filaments hairy; anthers 4-celled; staminodes with stalked glands. Ghat Litsea is endemic to the Western Ghats. Flowering: September-December.

Identification credit: Anurag Sharma, Gurumurthi Hegde Photographed in Agumbe, Karnataka.

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