Glandular Roundleaf Rock Jasmine
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Glandular Roundleaf Rock Jasmine
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Glandular Roundleaf Rock Jasmine • Kashmiri: Uzm Posh ﺍﹸﺯﻡ ﭘﻮﺵ
Botanical name: Androsace rotundifolia    Family: Primulaceae (Primrose family)
Synonyms: Androsace rotundifolia var. glandulosa Hook.f.

Glandular Roundleaf Rock Jasmine is a variety of Roundleaf Rock Jasmine in which the plant is glandular velvet-hairy. It is easily distinguished by its flowers in which the petals are much larger than the sepals, so that, looking from above, the sepals are not visible. Leaf-stalks are flower-stems are slender compared to those of Roundleaf Rock Jasmine. Lobules of the leaves are entire or toothed, rarely with pointed teeth. This variety is found in the drier regions of the Himalayas, namely, drier parts of Lahaul, Kashmir and W Tibet, at altitudes of 2500-4000 m.

Identification credit: Krishan Lal, Nongthombam Ullysess Photographed in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh.

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