Gold Shower
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Gold Shower
ntroduced Photo: Tabish
Common name: Gold Shower, Thriallis, Rain of Gold, Spray of Gold
Botanical name: Galphimia gracilis    Family: Malpighiaceae (Barbados cherry family)

Gold Shower is a small evergreen tropical shrub that grows to a maximum height of about 6 ft and about as wide. Young parts are appressedly reddish-hairy, becoming hairless when mature. Leaves are elliptic-oblong, pointed at base, blunt to rounded at tip with pointed tip, 3-5 x 1-2 cm; leaf-stalks 6-9 mm long, becoming hairless. Inflorescence overtopped by two lateral branches; flower-stalks 5-12 mm long, rusty-woolly; bracts linear, pointed, 3-4 mm long; bracteoles linear, pointed, 2-3 mm long. Flowers are 1-2 cm across. Sepals are ovate, rounded or subpointed at tip, sometimes recurved, about 2 x 1 mm. Petals are unequal, triangular, entire, clawed at base, about 3-7 x 2-3 mm, yellow. Filaments about 2.5 mm long; anthers oblong-lanceshaped, about 2 mm long. Ovary 2-3 mm across; styles round, 5-6 mm long, falling off. Fruits globular, about 5 mm across, brown. Native of tropical America. Commonly cultivated. Flowering: All year.

Identification credit: Shaista Ahmad Photographed in Garden of Five Senses, Delhi

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